Caterings, Private Dining & Events 

Traveling Chef & Private Dining:  Experience fine dining in the comfort of your home. Customizable menus to fit your palate. No clean up necessary. Relax & enjoy!!

Meal Planning 

Why is meal planning imperative? Maybe you're wanting to lose pounds, want to eat healthier, wanting to reach your healthy living goals, and/or just want to feel good all around. Let's be honest, after a long day, who wants to figure out what to cook, not to mention grocery shopping, unpacking, and preparing.

Meal planning saves you time? Our meal plan allows you to save time by spending time on doing the things you love. Also, our meal plans are tailored to meet our client's dietary needs. We can be that support system you need.

Styled Photoshoots

Creating and building a network of wedding industry vendors while promoting event planners, caterers, photographers, and more. 


 Cooking Classes 

Adult and children private cooking classes

 (In-person & Zoom) 

Cooking classes for the exceptional student by targeting IEP communication & fine motor goals. 

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